Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Jeff and I had an amazing time on our babymoon. We went to Kauai for 5 days where we stayed at the Marriott Resort. It was exactly what we needed as Jeff had been dealing with some unusually stressful work stuff and with the kitchen demo going on things were a bit chaotic at home. The trip started off just right with an upgrade to first class and we were very happy with the resort and all of its amenities once we arrived.
While the weather wasn't great (lightening, thunder and down pours) we were still able to get in a few days of relaxing by the pool and beach.
I especially enjoyed lying on a raft on my belly in the pool. It has been way too many months since I've been able to lie on my tummy so I was in heaven! We spent the mornings going to the gym earning the right to indulge ourselves at the breakfast buffet. Afternoons were spent hoping to get some sunshine or on my quests to find malasadas and authentic Hawaiian food. I am happy to say that we found some pretty delicious malasadas although compared to Leonard's on Oahu they were just okay. I also got my fill of poi, lomi salmon, chicken long rice, lau lau and kahlua pork. I'm so lucky that Jeff has also acquired a taste for good Hawaiian food! We even brought back a 3lb bag (much to Jeff's dismay) of poi to freeze for BBD as this is a traditional first food for Hawaiian babies.
Besides eating we spent one afternoon renting paddle boards and another exploring some other parts of the island.
Between the relaxing, spurts of sunshine and eating it was a great trip. We were able to spend some quality time together and to finally come up with a name for BBD! Sorry though, we're keeping this one a secret until he arrives!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Extra Peak at BBD!

At our last appointment with the doctor we found out that I have a bilobed placenta. My understanding is that this is where a placenta is mis-shapen and results in two portions of the placenta. With bilobed placenta the risk of vasa previa is increased so my doctor ordered another ultrasound to make sure that this wasn't a problem. This meant we had a chance to take another look at BBD!
Side profile. Its amazing how much he is starting to fill out!

Front of his face. No more scary skeletor!

Little feet!

We got the results of the ultrasound and the placenta is near the top of the uterus which is good - nowhere near the cervix. So there is nothing to worry about, but good to know upon delivery. :)

Kitchen demo started yesterday and we are off to Kauai tomorrow for a little Babymoon! Aloha!