Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3D Sonogram Photos

My mom is coming to visit us this upcoming weekend to do some maternity and baby shopping with me before my sister Ashley has her baby in May. With our appointment for our ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby not scheduled until April 8th we were a little disappointed that we wouldn't know whether to be looking at blue or pink during her visit. Never being one with much patience, I took matters into my own hands and looked up the possibility of getting a 3D ultrasound from a private company. So this past Thursday, Jeff and I had the chance to have a 3D ultrasound done and to spend about 20 minutes watching the baby move around, listening to the heartbeat and of course finding out the sex!

Here is the 2D image when we were determining the sex. It might be hard to tell but this is a view looking from his bottom up as if he's sitting. So the two lines are his legs and the stuff in between is what makes him a boy! Thankfully he wasn't shy!
Below are 4 of our favorite pics from the 3D portion. He's still pretty small so he looks a bit like an alien but I'll be working over the next few months to fatten him up!

Curled up in the fetal position with visible arms and legs.

He kept moving both arms around but seemed to favor his left. The technician told us that at this point they usually will use just one arm and that tends to be their dominant arm so with him using both he might be ambidexterous. (Baseball - switch hitter?)

They were also able to see that his lip and chin were both fused together so no cleft palate or chin.

The dark spot on his head is the soft spot, not a receding hairline. Yes, I asked!

The technician also told us that he is on the long side and would expect he'll be about 21-22" at birth, clearly inherited by his father.

All in all it was a great opportunity to bond with the baby and we were both very happy we decided to do it. Since Jeff is the only boy with the Dachenhaus last name including in his extended family it looks like the name will be passed on. Few! Glad we got that one on our first try!


  1. Yay! It's a boy! We're so happy for you two and us! Can't wait for the little (big?) one. He is one lucky boy, fortunate to have great parents.

    Let's go shopping!

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