Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sacramento Retirement Party!

My Uncle Wes recently retired from CalTrans after working there for 30+ years. To celebrate his retirement he did it in true Lum fashion with a Pig Roast! All of my mom's family made the long drive up to Sacramento from Southern California to help celebrate. We lucked out and only had to travel a few hours!

I love the expression on Kendall's face. Ashley calls it her "Blue Steel" face!
Do you see the resemblance?

Auntie Mary and Kendall with her first pig!

Daniel and Ashley.

Auntie Mary a.k.a. "The Baby Whisperer". Your services will be needed in about a month!

Uncle Randy (one of the pig roasters) enjoying a rare moment to sit down and relax with my mom.

Sisters! Enjoying a rare moment sans kids!

Daniel and Grandpa, more than likely scheming together!

Cousin bonding. BBD likes to give Kendall kicks while she rests on my belly! Can't wait for these two to meet!

Daniel and Uncle J playing around on the grass. These two have so much fun together! They even dress almost the same!

The next day we all went to dim sum to celebrate Popo's 84th Birthday. It was so delicious and we all stuffed our bellies for our drives home.

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