Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome Kendall Grace Switzer!

On Saturday May 7th, my sister Ashley and her husband Brian welcomed their second child a baby girl, Kendall Grace Switzer. Unfortunately, I was unable to jump in the car and drive down to Santa Barbara to see their new little one due to previous commitments and my growing belly which makes the drive a bit more difficult these days. Luckily though I had a work trip already planned the following week down to Santa Barbara. It was a long week of waiting but I was pleasantly rewarded when I got to meet my new niece!
Sleeping on my shoulder while I was taking pics with my iPhone.

She is just the sweetest little thing. She loves to cuddle, sleep, eat and repeat! Its also interesting how Asian she looks considering she is only 1/4 Asian and neither Ashley or I looked very Asian as babies. It will be really interesting to see how she looks as she gets older!

Sleeping peacefully through the flashes of auntie's camera!

I can't believe we'll have one of our own in a few months!

Big brother Daniel just turned 3 and is very gentle and kind to his baby sister. Everyone is adjusting to their new addition just great and I can't wait until I get to go down to see them again and for Uncle J to meet Kendall!

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