Monday, May 2, 2011

A Fun Filled Weekend!

This past weekend was filled with lots of fun for us. It was the first weekend where we didn't have a million things planned and on top of that it was gorgeous weather (a real treat in San Francisco). Friday night Jeff and his two sisters, Heidi and Anna attended the Kenny Chesney concert at Shoreline. Its not too often that the three of them get together especially sans kids!

Saturday night Jeff and I took some of his clients out to dinner and then to see Charlie Sheen's "Torpedo of Truth" show. While I don't think either of us were too excited to go and had fairly low expectations based on reviews from his previous shows we both were surprisingly entertained.

Of course there was his ridiculous ranting and raving but he also had some entertaining stories to tell and fed off the rowdy crowd. The format of having the audience ask him questions while he sits and smokes on the stage seems to work. He also revealed some signs of compassion towards his children and a handicapped audience member but overall was the narcissistic head case that we were expecting.

Sunday was another gorgeous day so we packed up the dog and headed across the Golden Gate Bridge for a hike in the Marin Headlands.
Its a gorgeous hike filled with rolling hills and lots of vegetation this time of year.
On the one side are amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.

On the other the San Francisco skyline, Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay.

It took us about an hour and a half to get up and back and by the time we were on our way back down my allergies had kicked into full gear. Unfortunatley I am no longer able to take my super strong prescription allergy medication while pregnant so being outside in the spring time can be a bit of a gamble for me.  Luckily the great day and even better company made it well worth the sneezing and runny nose! 

After showering up we headed to every homeowners favorite place, Home Depot (ha!). We have been tossing around the idea of remodeling our kitchen as it doesn't seem that yellow linoleum is going to come back in style any time soon. Jeff drew up a sketch of our exisiting layout and we headed over to their kitchen design department to see if they could help. We were pleasantly surprised to work with a design consultant who was able to make a mock up using his CAD program with what we wanted. We're still going to check with a few other place but as we would like to get this completed before the baby comes and time is a ticking we're hoping to get going on this project. Anyone out there have some good advice for a kitchen remodel?

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