Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby Showers

BBD is one lucky little guy to be born into an amazing family and group of friends. He is already loved by so many people as evidenced by the two showers thrown in his honor!

The first shower was back in June given by Jeff's two sister's Heidi and Anna. The shower was at Jeff's parent's house in Santa Barbara and was a great mix of family and family friends from both sides of our two families. We are so lucky to have our parents live in the same town and to have such great roots in Santa Barbara. It was a great example of all of the amazing people that will be in BBD's life! Everyone was so generous and we were truly showered with gifts and good wishes!

A huge thank you to Heidi and Anna for throwing such a great shower. In true Dachenhaus fashion it was just wonderful with delicious food and tasty mimosas! Unfortunately I do not have any pictures from this shower because my mom is still learning to how to get pictures off of her camera. :( Hopefully she'll figure this out before BBD comes!

The second shower was back at the end of July in San Francisco and was given by my three amazing friends, Michelle, Leanne and Rhiannon. The theme was Cirque du Bebe and was at Michelle's gorgeous house in the Marina District.
The girls did an amazing job of decorating for the theme and making lots of tasty food!

It was so nice to sit and chat with all of my friends and everyone was so thoughtful and giving. What a lucky little man BBD is!

Thanks again to my amazing hostesses and friends! Love you girls!

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