Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

After my cousin Nick's wedding in the Bay Area, Jack and I drove down with my parents to Santa Barbara so we could spend Halloween down there.

I made Jack and his cousin Kendall matching sushi costumes. Kendall is a tuna roll and Jack is a salmon roll each with their own side of ginger and wasabi!

"There, there, Jack, don't cry!"
 At my dad's work the main office decorates for Halloween and all of the staff dress up. People can bring their kids in and they hand out candy. So of course my dad had to bring the grandkids in and dressed up with them too!

Grandpa the sushi chef with his sushi and fireman!
Yum! I love salmon rolls!

Grandma the cat and a hungry Kendall!
That night Jack dressed up in his skeleton costume and made it out to just a few of the neighbors for trick or treating to say hi. No candy for him yet!

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  1. Of course my baby is jamming her entire foot in her mouth!