Friday, September 30, 2011

One Month Old!

Today Jack is one month old! How much has changed in just one short month! We now operate in 3 hour increments (feedings) and sleep is a hot commodity around our house. Jack has also developed quite a bit and it is such a joy to spend happy awake time with him (awake upset time not so much) where he can hold your gaze and occasionally smile!

He has also done many things in just this month. Some noteworthy milestones: his first NFL game, Happy Hour with some of Jeff's clients, joined a mommy and me group where he now has new friends and out to dinner for Chad's 30th birthday (slept through the whole thing). Often times when Jeff and I have him out at various places such as Starbucks, the grocery store, or running errands strangers will approach us and tell us how brave we are for venturing out with him or tell us of how scared they were with their newborns. For us we find these comments a little odd. Of course it is important to keep newborns protected etc. but come on people we've got to eat and I think we would all go insane if we just stayed in the house! Plus Jack seems to like venturing out so hopefully his willingness to accompany us places continues.

Jack favorites this month are car rides (although the Prius is sometimes too quite when it shuts off at lights), walks in the stroller, sleeping in the sling or bjorn, sleeping with someone holding him and of course eating.

Here are a few photos from the first month!

Staying warm in cold San Francisco

Taking a snooze on daddy!

Chilling on the boppy

The shirt speaks for itself!

Taking a walk along the beach with Barley and Mommy

Hi! I'm one month old today!
We look forward to what new adventures his second month of life will bring!

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  1. Jack has had a busy 1st month! Can't wait to see him Friday when you come to Santa Barbara. His cousins are anxious to finally meet him.