Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Family Table

This weekend my dad came up to visit us. Not only did he bring up a car full of my "stuff" from their house that was still in my old bedroom a.k.a. Daniel's room but he came up to help us refinish our dining room table. The dining room table that we now have in our house used to be my parents table that they bought over 30 years ago. This is the table that I spent my childhood sitting around every night sharing in delicious meals, spending quality time with family and friends and occasionally (or frequently in the teenage years) getting reprimanded at. Several years ago when my parents bought a new table we gladly snatched up the old one even though we didn't even have a house to put it in at the time. With my dad's guidance and elbow grease he and Jeff (I was not allowed to participate due to the fumes etc.) set out to make it look new again!
Sanding in the backyard before the rain started!
Three coats of polyeurethane later and patiently waiting for it to dry in the cold and rainy SF weather!
I'm really looking forward to bringing it in the house, but we still have to keep it in the garage for a few more days to dry and because of the fumes. If you've ever eaten dinner with Jeff you can only imagine how often I have to wash the tablecloth because he has dropped various things on it! I can't wait to simply wipe it up with a sponge! Also a plus for when the little one arrives!

Thanks dad for all of your help (and mostly doing it all yourself)! It turned out great and it was so nice to spend some time with you!

Here's to 30 more years of great food, wine (oh how I miss wine), family and friends gathering around this table!

Last week's first: Me leaving Tommaso's neither overly stuffed nor drunk. Neither Jeff or my dad can claim this. ;)


  1. Great job guys on the table. We will be expecting great meals and family time. Can't wait to have the little there with everyone. Sounds like all is going well. We are proud of you both.
    Love, Grandy and Papa John

  2. The table looks great! It'll look even better when it's on it's pedestal. It's needed to be refinished for years, I knew you'd be the ones to get it done. Dad and I sure miss that table, it was perfect for our family. But now that our family is growing rapidly, we'll make use of our new table that seats 16-18 family and friends. I know that your table will be the gathering place of friends, family and delicious meals for many years to come.