Thursday, February 3, 2011


This week the baby is the size of a kumquat! Because we decided to switch healthcare providers to Kaiser which wasn't effective until February,  today was our first appointment with them. The good thing about switching was that we had a chance to get another peek at this thing I've been working so hard at incubating.

The nurse practitioner said that everything looked healthy and that it was already photogenic (pretty sure this is her standard line but I'll take it)!

She also looked from several different angles to see if there was just one. We were both relieved when that was all she was able to see! It also started moving around a bit which was really neat!

This weekend we head down to Avila Beach with Jeff's family for the annual Dachenhaus Family Weekend. With 4 kids ages 4 - 1.5 years old it looks like we'll get to have some more practice at child-rearing!


  1. Cute, the size of a kumquat. Dad loves kumquats! It's amazing how you can see some features already.