Monday, February 21, 2011

Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound

Thursday I had my nuchal translucency ultrasound (try saying that three times!). We decided to do the full integrated prenatal screening tests which consists of a first trimester blood test, nuchal translucency ultrasound and a second trimester blood test. The tests check for your risk of down syndrome, trisomy 18 (mental retardation and physical birth defects), neural tube defects and SLOS. I am happy to report that the blood test and ultrasound all came back with good results. Everything is looking just as it should be which was a huge relief for both of us.

Jeff unfortunately had a meeting that he couldn't miss so he was unable to see the ultrasound. I really enjoyed seeing how much the baby has grown and developed since last time! I was able to hear its heartbeat for the first time which was really fun and crazy how fast it was at 161 bpm.

This picture shows a profile of the baby's head. It was funny because it looked so much like a real human head with features that I had to double check with the technician that I was seeing it right (I guess I had gotten used to it looking so alien-like)!
I was also able to see the baby do a few flips during the ultrasound which was another highlight! My mom says it's already a VJ (Val Junior) as I was quite an active child.
Later this week we will meet our doctor for the first time that will be delivering the baby. Hopefully we like her and all goes well. 

I'm now into my 13th week and it has grown to the size of a medium shrimp at almost 3 inches long. I'm feeling much better and getting my energy back!


  1. The baby totally has Jeff's nose (in other words, the nose is not small and smushy like ours!)

  2. Glad the tests turned out well. It's exciting to see the baby growing. I love shrimp!